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Pastor Jeff has written a Bible study curriculum - Attitude:  A Study in Philippians.  We are excited to launch a church-wide study and are encouraging you to sign up to join a grow (small) group or even lead a grow group in your home.  

Throughout this 10-week video based study, you will learn how to adopt an attitude of Christ.  You will learn how your thinking (perspective) impacts the way you react to circumstances or difficulties in this life - and how you can endure hardship with the strength and peace of God through Jesus Christ.

We are looking for new leaders and offering an incentive package for all new leaders.  Register today to be a part of a grow group and/or lead a grow group in your home.

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Start searching for that loose change under your couch cushions and in your car cup holders.  Alpha Pregnancy Center's Baby Bottle Boomerang is coming!  Pick up your bottle at the kiosk on January 20-22 and fill it to the brim with your loose change.  Don't forget to boomerang those baby bottles back on or before February 17-18.

YC Student Ministry is excited to announce we are launching a Middle School Service.  Students will join the 11a service in Half Dome for worship, then be dismissed right before the sermon to attend Middle School Service located at Stoneridge Christian Elementary School, Room 14.  Students will have a discussion based on the weekend message and a small group time in a student friendly environment.  

Day:  Sundays, beginning January 21

Time:  11:30a-1p

Location:  Stoneridge Christian Elementary School, Room 14

Volunteers and parent volunteers are needed, please email Jen if you are interested in serving the Next Generation: 

Are you new to Yosemite Church?  We would like to get to know you better over lunch!  Join us as we share the history of YC, what we believe as a church, and what we can offer you on your spiritual journey.  You will be able to meet the pastoral staff along with other ministry support staff members.  

Registration is recommended.

Day:  Sunday, January 21

Time:  1p-2p

Location:  El Capitan, Room 17 

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Attend our upcoming Discipleship Experience class. Our Spiritual Development team teaches Yosemite Church's Core Values and tools to help you grow in your walk with Christ. You will learn what it is like to become a true disciple using the same disciplines Christ emulated and taught.  At the end of the class you will have the opportunity to become a member of Yosemite Church.  

Registration is recommended.

Day:  Sunday, January 28

Time:  1:15p-4p

Location:  El Capitan, Room 15 

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All church prayer & worship

An opportunity for you to join other Christ followers coming together as pastors and ministry leaders lead us in prayer for our community.  

Day:  Sunday, January 28

Time:  6p-7:15p

Location:  Gateway Church, 353 East Donna Drive 

If you have been looking for a way to learn more about mentoring others - this is the class for you.  Our Spiritual Development team will teach you how to mentor the next generation and help those in your sphere of influence grow in their personal and spiritual lives. 

Registration is preferred

Day:  Sunday, February 11

Time:  1:15p

Location:  El Capitan