2017 Christmas Offering

We are celebrating 5 years of Christmas offerings this year!  This year's theme is, "From Dollars to Sense".  Our church grounds are beautiful.  What if we make improvements to the look and the function while cutting our expenses to maintain it all at the same time?  What if we were able to do the same for our energy costs?

Imagine walking out the doors of the worship center and waling out into a beautifully landscaped garden-like setting with walkways, benches to sit on and covered tables to fellowship and eat lunch at?  What if it was functional as well - able to host outdoor events and gatherings?

Best of all the dollars saved with less watering, weekly landscaping, weed abatement and maintenance could then be used to minister to our children, our hurting our broken and our needy.

Will you join us this year by giving your best gift to Jesus?

Click below to give to our 2017 Christmas Offering.

Follow the steps below to give to our 2017 Dollars to Sense Christmas Offering.

  1. Click on the link below
  2. Click the "Quick Give" tab on the left
  3. Enter the amount you would like to give un "My Donations"
  4. Click the drop down menu under "My Donations" and select "Christmas Offering
  5. Continue to fill out the information and submit

From Dollars to sense

This video is what Dollars to Sense is all about. Your Christmas Offering will allow Yosemite Church to transform our exterior campus and make it more funcional for fellowship and community, while at the same time saving our dollars in landscaping and watering costs. Our savings will translate into more dollars going to feeding the hungry, healing the broken and caring for the needy in our community and abroad.

The Hope Mountain Aftercare

Yosemite Church will be tithing, giving 10% of this year's Christmas Offering, to The Hope Mountain Aftercare Center in Cebu, Philippines, a residential center for children rescued from online sexual exploitation due to parental perpetrators.  Currently there are no other facilities that accept brothers and sisters, so siblings are separated.  The trauma experienced by these young children is indescribable.   A donation to the Hope Mountain Foundation will go directly to the construction of this facility.

celebrating 5 years of Christmas offering

  • 2013 - Knock out the debt

    Back in 2013 we launched our very first Christmas Offering with Knock Out The Debt.  With your generous giving donation we were able to pay off our mortgage and become completely debt free!

  • 2014 - love builds the house

    In 2014 our Christmas Offering campaign was Love Builds The House.  With your loving donations, we were able to completely renovate the lobby, the main worship center and the stage space to better accommodate the needs of all of you.

  • 2015 - go atwater

    In 2015, the Christmas Offering campaign was GO ATWATER!  With your giving, we were able to launch our very first satellite church in Atwater.  We were also able to bless the Merced Rescue Mission with a financial donation.

  • 2016 - half dome kitchen & childcare wing renovation

    Last year, in 2016 the Christmas Offering went to the Half Dome kitchen and childcare wing renovation.  Through your generous giving, we were able to make much needed improvements to the kitchen to meet the needs of our church body.  And with the childcare renovation, we were able to create an inviting space for both parents and children.  If you've not seen these upgrades, I encourage you to just take a walk down to the kitchen and the childcare wing. You will not be disappointed!