upcoming events

We have quite a few things planned for YC Atwater.  Check back with us regularly to find out what events are happening and when.

  • Continue to grow with others throughout the summer.  Just because the summer is here, doesn't mean you have to stop growing spiritually.  Join a summer grow group and stay connected.  There is a group for almost everyday of the week.

    Click the graphic to see what grow groups are meeting this summer.

  • grace revelation

    Grace Revelation is a small group open to anyone who would like to experience the grace of God in a way that will transform your life for Jesus.  

    Childcare available.

    Day:  Wednesdays

    Time:  6:30p-8:30p

    Location: ACC - Atwater Community Center

  • Baptism Class

    During this class we will share the importance of baptism and the personal significance.  We will also share practical tips on preparing for your baptism.

    Day:  Sunday, June 10

    Time:  11:45a

  • Movie Night

    Come and spend an evening watching a FREE family friendly movie with us, right here in Atwater.  We will provide popcorn, cotton candy and drinks for FREE.  Bring a comfy chair, blanket and pillow.

    Invite your family and friends to join you as we show The Shack.  

    Day:  Friday, July 28

    Time:  7-9p

    Location:  ACC - Atwater Community Center

  • Mentor Experience

    If you have been looking for a way to learn more about mentoring others, this is the class for you.  Our Spiritual Development team will teach you how to mentor the next generation, as well as, how to help those in your sphere of influence grow in their person and spiritual lives.

    Day:  Sunday, September 16

    Time:  11:45a

    Location:  ACC - Atwater Community Center

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YC Atwater campus director

Don, former Council president and longtime YCer  He and wife, Kathy, are Atwater residents and truly have a heart for the local community.