missionaries we support

  • Joannis & Evelyn Tangub, Philippines

    Bible Believing Grace Baptist Temple

    Joannis and Evelyn Tangub's ministries include local church, children's feeding/Sunday School Bible outreach, Bible College, Church Planting. They are our hosts on our annual missions trip to the Philippines.

  • Daniel & abigail jacobo, honduras

    Baptist International Missions Inc.

    Daniel and Abigail Jacobo's mission is to start 100 churches, create a children's ministry, build a Christian school and Bible college, and train national pastors and missionaries.

  • Campus crusade, South east asia

    Campus Crusade For Christ mission is reaching and transforming cities, that East Asia may become a sending based to the world. Their vision is developing Spiritual multipliers for the young professionals.

  • dave & cindy lux - ghana, africa

    Dave and Cindy Lux serve with Wycliffe Bible Translator and SIL in Cameroon, Africa where they are working with the Noni people to develop their language into written form, promote literacy, and translate the New Testament into the Noni language.

  • steve & carrie wendel - czech republic

    Association of Baptist for World Evangelism

    Steve and Carrie Wendel are working in partnership with the Czech Baptist Union to establish indigenous local churches in the region of Southern Bohemia, Czech Republic. Their vision is to see local church planting movement initiated throughout their region by the year 2020.

  • jeremiah & lori kepner - usa

    Jeremiah and Lori Kepner, USA

    Campus Crusade for Christ, University of Arizona

    Jeremiah and Lori Kepner's mission is turning lost students into Christ centered laborers. Their desire is to build movements in every relational pocket at Northern Arizona University so that every student has a chance to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ from a friend. They do it by winning, building, and sending students to reach their community, their campus and the world with the good news of Jesus Christ.

  • vance & carol nordman - California, usa

    Jesus Film Project, Campus Crusade for Christ

    Vance and Carol Nordman give leadership to the People's Connection and initiative of the Jesus Film Project. Already over 300,000 copies of the Middle Eastern languages Jesus DVD have been given by partnering ministries and churches to immigrants.

  • ed & andrea hultgren - missouri, usa

    SURV Readiness Training is ministry that help training in disaster relief to enable church members to be where help and the Gospel are needed.  The church should shine the brightest when all the lights are out.

  • YWAM - Asia

    Youth With A Mission, or YWAM, is all about teaching and ministering to students in Asia. YWAM began a counseling ministry where the ministry can help others learn to heal and grow in Christ.  "The Will of God never takes you where the Grace of God will not protect you."