women's summer stretch

You will be challenged like no other time in your life.  The changes will not only be dramatic, but you will be stronger physically and spiritually.

As part of the program you will memorize the most practical and comprehensive chapter in the Bible on Christian living.  You will also Increase your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  You will also grow in your confidence and ability to share your faith in a way that makes sense and invites others to accept a relationship with Christ. 

2016 women's summer stretch program

Selected applicants will be notified of their selection status by May 12.  If selected, this just might be your most spiritually stretching experience to date.

MAY 14

Session One:  Orientation & Summer Assignments


An Adventure in Stretching - Day trip to the coast

JULY 21-24

Stretch Retreat - starts at 6pm on Thursday night thru Sunday noon.


A Woman's Heart

Choose a Weekly Small Group Time

Sundays/11am (childcare provided) - Mondays/8:30am - Tuesday/10am - Thursdays/6pm (childcare provided)


Walk Thru the Bible - Old/New Testament workshops with Pastor Jeff

Love Merced

Registration Fee $100.00